Password Manager for Teams with Open Source lets you share and manage passwords across your organization.

About passwordio is a password manager for teams with open PHP source and clean and simple interface. With you can easily and securely save and share passwords within your organizations from any device. The strong encryption mechanism keeps all data encrypted. is an on-premise product and can be easily installed on any server.

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of data breaches are due to weak, default or stolen passwords

The sensitive data are saved to the database in encrypted format. The decryption process takes place on the client's (browser) side, so no data is transferred in open text format. The system uses RSA and SHA256 algorithms to encrypt the data. The passwords are not saved in database. So, even if you have access to the database it's almost impossible to decrypt the passwords data. uses responsive design optimized for all sorts of devices. The system developed as a Single Page Application. The system is developed as a Single Page Application. This approach minimizes the amount of data transferred between client and server, which positively affects performance.

The system allows creating groups and manage users by adding them to the groups. Passwords can be shared with groups selected by admins. At the same time users are also able to create personal records that are visible only to them. You can assign different roles to users in order to restrict/grant permissions.

The system is completely open-source and is be installed on your own environment, keeping it safe and secure.

Frontend and backend parts of the system are separated. You may either use the backend part with another system, or build your own user interface.

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Open source product

The product is 100% open source and provides transparency for the functionality.

Password Sharing

Group sharing approach allows having multiple groups with different sets of users, as well as assigning available passwords to each group.

Desktop & Mobile

The system uses fully responsive lightweight design that works well on all devices, mobile and desktop.

Quick copy

Copy passwords in just one click, it's that quick and easy.

Frequently asked questions

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How does it work and how can I use it in my company? has open source and can be installed on any server that runs PHP. Once the system is installed you may start by creating your first account. Using the newly created account you may send email invitations to other users, they will be able to register their accounts and see/manage company password records. After confirming registration of the accounts, you may assign roles to each of them.

What if I need help with the system?

Each annual license comes with technical support for your installation. It includes assistance with the system usage, regular platform upgrades with new features, and troubleshooting for your installation.

How do I pay?

Simply submit your request using the "contact form". We'll take it from there.


Admin audit of user actions


Two-factor authentication

Passwords grouping by tags

Browser plugins

Password Manager for Teams with Open Source lets you share and manage passwords across your organization.

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