How it works

4 simple steps to remember all your passwords

Create new account

Simply create a new account by entering the name, email address and company name. If the company name does not have a record in the system yet, it will be created automatically, assigning you as the company owner. Otherwise, you would need an invitation from the company owner.

Create a new record and start working with your data

Create a new password record by entering its title, login, password, and other details. Share the record with particular groups or with entire company. The password and notes fields are encrypted before being sent to the server side.

Manage groups and users

Easily send invitations to other users, create new grops and assign users to the groups. Change user roles and block users if necessary.

Work with your data from any place and device

Use Password.IO on desktop, tablet or phone. All functions are available on any device. The system architecture will allow you to use minimum amount of traffic and work just as effectively with a slow bandwidth.

Check out the demo

8 reasons to stop looking elsewhere

Open source product

The product is 100% open source and provides transparency for the functionality.

Password Sharing

Group sharing approach allows having multiple groups with different sets of users, as well as assigning available passwords to each group.

Desktop & Mobile

The system uses fully responsive lightweight design that works well on all devices, mobile and desktop.

Quick copy

Copy passwords in just one click, it's that quick and easy.

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we'd be happy to answer them.